Rating And Compensation


Business rating is a minefield of changing rules. Each property is unique and as a part of our Valuation Services, expert advice is available to comment on the validity of rating assessments and the potential for making savings (and there are several ways available!)

Compulsory Purchase Orders

We have acted in Compulsory Purchase Orders on behalf of both acquiring authorities and affected parties. We understand the process and its impact to both sides and we negotiate compensation claims accordingly. Compensation can be claimed in a variety of circumstances – sometimes even if no land has been compulsorily acquired.

Business Rates

Raising taxes on property has ancient origins and has always been a significant source of revenue for Government. Throughout this time, it has always been a political football that has been reviewed and changed, and then changed again into what it is today, being a high earning source of revenue for the Exchequer, governed by an extremely complicated set of rules and legal precedents, and operated by a system that does its best to frustrate businesses and put obstacles in the way of ratepayers’ rights to appeal.

A great many businesses now benefit from Reliefs introduced to the system (such as Small Business Rates Relief) and rating assessments have been used beneficially for relief and grants provided through the COVID pandemic, but rates liability remains a significant outlay for many businesses, with its own dedicated line entry in the profit and loss accounts for most trading operations.

The clear and obvious benefits that so many businesses have enjoyed, and for a large number continue to enjoy, do not however deflect from the reality of business rates remaining a significant liability for a great many businesses and when advising clients we routinely discover errors in rating assessments both to the benefit and detriment of ratepayers, and we routinely discover opportunities for rate savings by applying the rules and precedents to each individual set of circumstances. In addition to advising clients on rates saving opportunities, we manage complicated procedures through to completion.

Rating Revaluation 2023

Rating assessments should be routinely subject to Revaluations to regularise and fairly apportion rates liability according to property type and location. Political manoeuvrings result in differing revaluation cycles, however the next revaluation is due to take effect from 1 April 2023, adopting an Antecedent Valuation Date of 1 April 2021.

To serve this process, the Valuation Office Agency is routinely sending out Forms of Return to ratepayers for completion with the need to divulge ownership and tenancy details.

Whilst superficially simple, the detail that has to be supplied is not so straightforward and great care must be taken to ensure that these forms are completed properly and fairly, and, most importantly, not giving misleading responses that actually work to the ratepayers disadvantage.

Towler Shaw Roberts routinely undertakes completion of rent return forms on behalf of clients in order to ensure accurate and non-prejudicial replies.