Building Acquisition Surveys

Building surveys provide detailed assessment of the property prior to acquisition and equips the purchaser with knowledge that is essential in the transaction process.  Our surveys identify condition, cost and risk associated with the property, always ensuring our advice is bespoke to the type of acquisition.

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Building Vendor Surveys

Similar to a building survey, but prepared by the vendor in advance of marketing the property, the vendor survey will assist in reducing delays in the sale completion.  The report enables the vendor to have the building ready for the market to maximise the potential for a quick transaction.




TSR can provide maintenance advice for our client’s properties including planned maintenance schedules which identifies works and sets out estimated costs.  This is essential for forecasting property maintenance budgets and managing expenditure.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

It is important to ensure that buildings are insured for the correct value when obtaining insurance policies. We can accurately assess the cost of rebuilding premises based upon our knowledge and expertise in the construction market.




We can represent either tenants or landlords in the assessment, preparation, negotiation and settlement of dilapidations claims. We have a large depth of knowledge and experience with all types of property. We can also provide assessment of potential dilapidations liability for the purpose of budgeting provision and to advise upon strategies to address a future claim.

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Measured Surveys

We have the ability to produce AutoCAD drawings and provide services to produce measured survey plans and elevations of buildings. Using OS Map data we can also produce land registry compliant lease plans or title plans.



Schedules of Condition

Schedules of Condition are a photographic and descriptive record of the condition of a property and are typically used in conjunction with leases.  The schedule is often relied upon as evidence during future negotiations therefore we ensure the schedule is highly detailed and diligently prepared.

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Access Audits

Access audits provide the client with an assessment of the means of access and use of a building for people with disabilities. The report provides advice on mitigating the risk of discriminating against disabled employees, visitors or other users of the building due to restricted access.



Building Conservation & Repair

Specialist building advice is often required for the maintenance, repair and alteration of Listed buildings. Changes and alterations require Listed Building Consent from the local authority which require careful specification and design.  We provide services to draw, design and specify works to secure consent and conserve our heritage buildings

Party Wall Act Surveyor

Buildings works to or in close proximity to a shared wall, boundary wall or fence may be subject to the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.
We provide services to ensure that the works take place in compliance with the Act and the rights of the parties are properly addressed.


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