Towler Shaw Roberts, a leading regional firm of surveyors with offices in Shrewsbury, Telford and Wolverhampton, has appointed Andy Price as its second apprentice.

Andy, 24, is delighted to have joined the team at TSR and will be based in the firm’s Wolverhampton office as he works towards becoming a qualified chartered surveyor.

As part of his apprenticeship, he will also study chartered surveying one day each week at The University of Wolverhampton.

Andy said: “I’ve always been interested in buildings and architecture, so this is a great opportunity to get into the industry and become qualified whilst enabling me to gain a deeper understanding of the profession.”

Andy, from Perton, near Wolverhampton, is enjoying his early weeks with TSR and is the second apprentice to join the firm following Larissa Jones, who has been with the company since 2017.

Andy added: “My early weeks with TSR have involved handling a lot of calls and getting an understanding of the properties we have in the portfolio.

“Larissa is a good person to follow as an apprentice. She’s doing really well at TSR and I’m looking forward to keeping up to her standards.”

Martin Zaki, the head of agency in TSR’s Wolverhampton office, said Andy had settled into his new role well.

He added: “We were very impressed with how Andy came across during his interview and I’ve been really pleased how he’s done in his first few weeks.

“He’s taken on a lot of responsibility very quickly. His manner on the phone is very professional and after a positive start I am eager to see his abilities grow as he keeps expanding his knowledge on surveying and managing the expectations of clients.

“As a firm, it’s nice to be bringing people into the industry. If we can educate them and bring them through then it is also a good reflection on TSR.”

Pictured: Andy Price is the second apprentice to join the team at Towler Shaw Roberts.

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