Business rating is a minefield of changing rules. Each property is unique and as a part of our Valuation Services, expert advice is available to comment on the validity of rating assessments and the potential for making savings (and there are several ways available!)

Compulsory Purchase Orders

We have acted in Compulsory Purchase Orders on behalf of both acquiring authorities and affected parties. We understand the process and its impact to both sides and we negotiate compensation claims accordingly. Compensation can be claimed in a variety of circumstances – sometimes even if no land has been compulsorily acquired.

“TSR have once again smoothly guided us through the acquisition of another property acquisition. In addition to their on-going and invaluable help on numerous leasing issues, we look forward to continuing this relationship on our active shop development programme.”

Sue Chance, Compton Hospice

“Just a quick email to say thank you for your excellent work on our behalf. Received a letter from the Council this morning confirming our new Rateable Value and promising a refund cheque for just over £4,000. A lovely surprise in amongst the usual assortment of bills.”

Richard Bates, Glovers Business Supplies Ltd.

“I return one copy of the Rent Review memorandum signed as requested. Russell and I do so very much appreciate your professional advice and the excellent manner you interpret and act on our instructions.”  

Garth Marshall, Marshall & Marshall Ltd